Sunday, March 1, 2015

My First Card using my iPad! YIPPEE! LOVE IT!

I am going to LOVE this whole iPad creating!!! Oh Yeah!!!!

Can I just say I'm going to LOVE using my iPad Air with my Cricut Explore!  This is one of the first cards I made from the Make It Now collection in Cricut Design Space.  It turned out sooo pretty...and they go OH SO FAST!  I've already made 6 of them.  I realized that this card is actually a combination of two different cards and there is a fee. 
Sorry about that!

This one I made a little larger by selecting the entire file (Select ALL) and dragging it to the size I wanted, then cut it with this awesome shimmer paper I found at Michaels.  I added some extra greenery - but really about anything you do to this card will be beautiful!  You do NOT need an iPad to make this project.  Just look for it in the Make It Now Projects!


  1. Love the card! But when you say free, do you mean 'free' with subscription? I went in to the design space to make it and it costs $4.95 for me.


  2. I am so so sorry! I checked again and that one does have a $4.95 fee. I must have been thinking of a different one when I made it. I will correct that on my post! Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention!


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